Does she enjoy the D?

Thanks for tuning in! Despite all of the myths it’s not as easy to please a woman as you men believe. Do her walls open up like blooming flowers when you enter her? Do her moans start from the pit of her stomach and end on the highest wavelength on the ceiling? Most of all! When you’re done does she turn over and finish herself off?

It takes a certain amount of pressure and friction to bring a woman to an orgasm. Us women like to be finessed out of our goodie boxes. Don’t rush or rabbit dig in the wetness. First and foremost take the time to learn your partners body through foreplay. Once you learn her specifically, you’ll be able to please her. Oh yeah and watch out for the faked orgasms!

But that’s another topic for another time! – Ladonya Burks

One thought on “Does she enjoy the D?

  1. Thank you for the sexual insight. I will definitely will take everything I read here into consideration when I am pleasuring my wife. I look forward to reading more from you.


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