Sexual Satisfactory

Thanks for tuning in!

Our bodies connect and the feeling of him pushing deep inside me causes my soul to vibrate.

His pulsing hardness fills me up with every stroke. The breaths we took together sung a intimate song. He was doing all he could to pleasure me and he was doing a damn good job too.

I tighten my walls and his Pace quickens, my legs were spread open and my feet pointed to the Moon as the sound of him pounding up against me echoes throughout our bedroom.

The long awaited orgasms started at my toe tips and was steering in the pit of my stomach.
Was all I could muscle up to moan before the sweet nectar from the inside of me starts to pour out onto our bed sheets.He stares down into my eyes and I wipe the sweat from his forehead. We share a passionate forehead kiss before we turn over and hold one another. It was time to bask in the fruits of our labor and sniff each other’s essence.

It was time to praise one another through touch. I was his and he mine, we were satisfied! -Ladonya Burks

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