Is Masturbation Satisfying?

Thanks for turning in luvz! Your girls going to be honest, masturbation is one of my favorite actives to partake in. See not every woman can have an orgasm with the help of a partner.
I was one of those people up until here recently.

When you learn how to masturbate properly it’s beyond fulfilling.
Who knows your body best?
You do!
So since the person who knows how to hit all the right spots is you…!
Why not bring yourself joy…?

Deep love #photoByLadonyaBurks

Once you learn your body inside and out, the way you get off is beyond amazing. Ladies go get a good toy if you need too! Hell all I know is once you do yourself right, you’ll agree with me on okaying satisfaction within yourself in the bedroom.
  You’re okay to masturbate – Donnie Sharrell