Is he IGNORING my emotions?

Thanks for tuning in luvz! When you open your emotional Bank to your spouse, us women sometimes expect the compensation that our men don’t understand how to give.I would get angry when I ask something of my man and not receive it. The thing that I didn’t understand was, how I was communicating was totally wrong!(Empty spaces/Photo taken by Ladonya Burks)Men don’t like to be yelled at or told what they’re doing wrong, hell they don’t like to be reprimanded by their women at all. I had to learn to guide my man in how to treat me without using a firm hand. listening to how my man responds so that I’ll know how to present what I needed from him was a big help.We as women have mind and bodies that mature faster than the other sex. So we have to learn how to be more patient with our men.
Ladies! In most cases he’s not ignoring you. He’s trying to learn how to balance listening and reacting in the correct manner. So slow down and guide your man. Don’t firm hand him, well not in this situation, not yet!-Donnie Sharrell/Ladonya Burks