Mansion Baby!

Thanks for tuning in luvz! I have a short story for you that I’m going to post in parts, so here we go…..

PT.1- I could feel my heart rate quickening as I cradle my baby close to my chest praying he wouldn’t make a sound. We were hidden behind the antique bookshelf in the cold Dusty study. I could hear the footsteps of our seeker echoing across the Mansions marble floor, and my body set frozen. How could I get us into this situation?

    The heavy oak door to the study Creeks open and I hold my breath.
“I can’t let you leave with that baby”!
Our seekers voice was deep and labored. Suddenly my baby’s eyes pop open and we were looking into each other souls, but he was the only one of us smiling.

    Seconds pass before the study was empty again. The baby fit in my bag perfectly so I could be hands-free. I could hear our seekers and his accomplices banning together in a search as we crept around dark Mansion corners. The golden ticket was in my bag and there was no way this psycho family would imprint on him.

It felt like hours before we finally reached the laundry shoot.
I set the bag inside the shoot and gaze into my baby’s soft gray eyes for what felt like the last time. The footsteps we’re getting close again, I had to send him down the laundry.
-Donnie Sharrell/Ladonya Burks