Mansion Baby!#2

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Here’s part 2 of our first short story….

PT.2- My bare feet patter across the cold floor leaving smudges on the marble as I move through the shadows. The sound of my heart was booming in my ears. I’d seen a landline phone by the pantry when we first arrived, the hard part would be making it there.

The seekers had the stairs manned and since the elevator would be too loud, my only option was the tunnel I’d found a few days prior.
Apparently this secret tunnel was used for “moving furniture” but right now that was highly doubtful. Like a ninja, I crouch low and creep toward the end of the second level of the mansion.

It felt like forever before I reach the door that was hidden behind the wooden granddaddy clock. Only weighing 125 lb soaking wet it took force to get behind the clock, but fear had control over my body.
As I run through the tunnel the cracked concrete cut the bottoms of my feet, but my legs never stopped moving. The phone wasn’t far from the door on the first floor that I emerge from, so my confidence was undoubtedly starting to rise.

All of a sudden I hear footsteps starting to run through the rooms that were surrounding me. Then one of them yells out…..
“She’s close, and she’s bleeding”!
I duck behind the bright red piano as someone enters the room. They were breathing steady, just as steady as they moved through the room. I was laying flat on my stomach watching the seekers feet, and that’s when I notice something real familiar.

All of a sudden my heart drops to my belly and my eyes well up with tears. I thought he had to go on an emergency business trip. Just when I decided to stay put, the cry of The Golden child rings out and everything shifts….!
To be continued-Donnie Sharrell/Ladonya Burks