Mansion Baby!#3

Thanks for tuning In luvz! Here is the third part to our short story….

PT 3- All of a sudden the Mansion comes to life and so does my motherly intuition. I hop from behind the piano and was running full speed for my baby, he was right behind me. Somewhere along the way I’d grabbed an iron fireplace poker that my fingers were gripped around so tightly, they were starting to burn. I could hear the other seekers trampling our way, but I was sprinting.

I reach the laundry room and don’t even grab the baby from the hamper.
I pushed the entire basket behind me, but now we were trapped. My eyes were full of tears again as I point the fire poker at the steady stepper.
“Why are you doing this to us”..?

His eyes were sad but his voice was cold. He says,
“Give me my son and I’ll convince my family to let you go.”
I shake my head no!
“Just let us leave and you’ll never have to worry about us again. I swear I won’t tell anyone about this fucked up mansion”!

The Golden child had stopped fussing, now he was just staring up at me from the clothes hamper. I had never been so afraid in my life.
“That baby is our legacy. I told you how important a mixed raced baby is to this family,now give him to me”…!

He lunges toward me and I react with half-a-dozen swings and pokes. One poke must have stuck because the seeker grabs his sternum as he stumbles back in pain. I grab a hold of the laundry basket as my chest poked out with courage and fear mixed all in together, my voice nearly a whisper.
“Please move out of my way”?

The quivering in his voice box gave the impression that he was going to yell out and I couldn’t let that happen, now could I? Once again I use all of my force and run toward him as I swing the fire poker. As soon as he hunches over in pain I repeatedly bring the poker straight down into his abdomen. A gun falls from The seekers pants pocket, I pick it up and kick him in his chest.

Now we had protection and we were on the move again. That is until we were halfway down the hall and I hear a loud ringing in my ears and then…
To be continued…. -Donnie Sharrell/Ladonya Burks