Donyaz Corner Tea Time #2 Devine Love

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s discuss love on February 14….

One day of the year is not the only day to show your love, but it is the day to take the time out to express the love creatively. Body to body, heart to heart, soul to soul, Aura to Aura, and emotion to emotion. It’s the day of the year you should let your souls connect and your body’s unwind with the person you love. Every day is the day to show your other half that you love them, but not every day is the day for your souls to connect divinely within the universe.

Love is something that no one on this Earth understands fully. No matter what you’re told love is too complicated and Devine for us as human beings to understand. Love is that thought you have about that one person on the day of love. It’s that leap in your chest from that reassurance. It’s that heartache you feel when you have to say goodbye or walk away.

Not all loves last a lifetime but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t love, it just wasn’t that love to fit your being. Despite what your negative shoulder Angel tells you, there is a love out there to fit every being, why?
Love is a complicated emotional chemical that started with the Earth, and since we occupy this Earth we are all made of love. That love has a pull to someone and all you have to do is listen for it, but don’t be afraid to reject something that you know isn’t love at all!- Donnie Sharrell/Ladonya Burks