Wide Open!

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s sit at the sexual desk for a second……

Wide open, but only for you. I’m full of tension that I’m waiting for you to fuck out of me the strong way. You are my vibration, the pleasure I can’t ignore, the fire that ignites my desire. I want you to lead our duet with your muscular instrument, please?

Be the protector of my deepest fantasy’s without me having to ask. YOU are the leader, you are the one with the body of a God and the stroke of a hero. You are the man who moistens me deep inbetween, who punishes my bloomed Rose. Will you be the keeper of my kinky reserves? I need you to be that!

Many spankings, fists full of hair, handprints on bare ass cheeks and labored breathing is what my appetite yearns for. Stentorian moans that bounce off of the ceiling followed by long gasp’s of air. The song of your bareness slapping against mine makes my insides dance. Yes it’s exactly what I want, it’s what I need. Secure your post, have me while I’m open!- Donnie Sharrell/Ladonya Burks