Ask Donya #advice/insight column notification

Thanks for tuning in luvz!

So I’ve decided to start an advice column. Since I’m always asked to give my 2 cents anyways, might as well bring my lovely personal insight and advice to you guys too!
You can send question’s or tell me about a situation that you need advice on to The Yahoo email address that will be provided at the end of this post. I’ll respond to each email personally within a week, and pick two that I’ll post on my page along with the advice I gave.

Out of the 2 chosen emails, one post will be chosen for a weekly weekday post, and the other more spicy ones will be saved for a weekend post. Two New emails will be chosen every week!
Now I’m not going to pull the factual advice bull because you can get that anywhere. Your going to get the real from someone who’s been through heartache, deaths, failure’s, love, loss emotional and mental traumas, mental health struggles and way more then they bargained for in such a short amount of time on this Earth.
Let go….. -Donnie Sharrell

Send your emails with the (subject) of the email AskDonya to (