Donyaz Corner Tea Time #3

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s talk about waisting and managing our Time….

Time is of essence and essence is something we all should try to preserve. When you waist someone’s time you are essentially taking away from time in their life that miracles could have been taking place.

Photo taken by:Ladonya Burks

See when I get my time waisted it infuriates me! Of course I’m a Virgo which means perfection is my number one love and pet-peeve. We love organization and absolutely hate when our time is misused. But we also hold people to a really high standard and expect them to be quite as perfect as we believe we’ve set everything else up around us to be.

This high standard can push people away but it also makes sure our time is utilized properly by ones around us. We as people have to learn how to section our time off into parts so that it’s impossible for anyone else to misuse our time and essence. Business and work time, family and love life, meditation, building and branding! Once you have all of that going on then you’ll have no time to waist!

Last but not least, DISTANCE yourself from toxic situations as soon as you see that it’s toxic. When you’re taking the self time weather it’s meditating or just laying around reading, make sure it’s really self time. Whatever time it is though, focus solely on that task so that you’ll be in the then and there!-Donnie Sharrell