Heartbreak verification, & the healing process #Advice #Prospective-View

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Just because you can’t see someone else’s pain, that doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting. Most of the world believe that heartbreak isn’t a legitimate pain, of course I’m not one of those people.


A broken heart can ultimately distroy and alter a person’s whole being. Example: A couple who’s been together 20 to 30 years is literally Heartbroken when one passes on. The family doesn’t acknowledge the pain they are going through and then suddenly they pass on as well. The spouse who took the loss suffered from a broken heart. They couldn’t live without that other person that had imprinted on their heart for so long.

To all of those people out there who are suffering from a broken heart, believe me when I tell you that I understand and that pain is not a false feeling. You are going through something that all of us will eventually go through at some point in time, and you are not alone! Please don’t let this pain define you because it will not last forever. Don’t let the cause of that pain take a hold of you and hold you back from blessings that could be standing right in front of your face.

So many of us become bitter and hard from being heartbroken, don’t do that! Take time to heal and find out what the problem is within yourself that caused you to let this hurt occur. FIND YOURSELF! Once you’ve done that open your heart all over again. Yes Do it all again because this life is only a life when it’s filled with love and experience.

I’m not saying set yourself up to be hurt again so don’t think that. I’m saying you’ve gone through this experience, you’ve learned from it, and you’ve grown from it. Now hold yourself to a high enough standard where your spirit can’t be touched nor harmed by the unworthy. –Donnie Sharrell

Photo by: Ladonya Burks