Intimidating pleasures

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The muscles in his member start to show as it jerks into stance. The tip set looking me straight in the eye and the size nearly intimidates my inner freak. It was just the two of us and I was preparing to take him whole. Every part of my blooming flower was starting to moisten as I hold the intimidating member in my palm.

The sound of his groans send chills down my spine as I wrap my glossed lips around the muscular beauty. I spread my legs wide and he caresses the wet blossom. My head moves in a circular motion as my tongue wiggles back and forth around the shaft. The air was thick in the room and the tension was causing passion to shoot through every inch of my body, I was ready!

He flips me onto my back laying his thickly built body ontop of mine. My clitoris had begun to throb as he pushes my knees up beside my breasts and enters me with his staff. He had full control of the situation, my only job was to be pleased and believe me that wasn’t too hard to accomplish. His staff fit perfectly inside of me, it was the perfect length and thickness for me to take every inch of him!

The two of us had become one. We were perfectly entwined, mentally, physically, and emotionally. I was fully open and he was fully invested in giving my inner freak the orgasm she deserved. He deserved me, I deserved him, and we deserved the pleasure that being inside and under eachother provided. Everything was perfect..! –Donnie Sharrell