Stability or Wife?

As the cool shower water trickles down the young woman’s bare imperfect body, she leans her head back toward the sky light. There wasn’t many peaceful moments the young wife got to herself, but she tried her best to cherish the very few that she did get. Being a wife, lover, friend and supporter wasn’t as easy as she thought, but giving up the way everyone expected her too wasn’t an option!

Photo taken by: LadonyaBurks

Her peacefulness was short lived no sooner then her wet bare feet touched the tile floors.
“Honey, did you pick my ties up from the drycleaners”?
Knots start to form in the base of her chest as the sound of her husband’s Gravelly Grating voice cuts through the walls of what once was a home. She answers,
“I’ll be right down with them”…!

The little words the couple shared were drowned out by the wonders in the forefront of the young wife’s mind. She sees him off with a lucidly waving hand and practiced grin. She wondered if stability was worth the unhappiness! Was the day to day miscommunication, secrets, late nights and pretended affection worth the title?

There was only a couple of hours until the inlaws arrived. That meant she only had thirty minutes to vent to her paperback best friend, writing was her passion. Thirty minutes to prep dinner, an hour to get it all done and laid out on the table, and five minutes to practice her smile. It was game time. If the sun was meant to shine through the draping trees that was her mind, it would…! –Donnie Sharrell