Donyaz Corner Tea Time #4

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s sit back in our corner cut and sip tea while we gossip about relationship things.
Today’s topic on the pen pad: (compromising with your other half)

Ok LADIES, we all know that there’s always one person in the relationship that has trouble getting use to compromising, sometimes it’s us! Yeeees I’m coming for my ladies first because even without knowing it, we are naturally the leaders in our Union. We set the tone! Meaning… if we set the dial to it is what it is, I like it like this, and it’s my way or the highway, our men will learn those habits and follow suit.

First we have to learn how to have patience with our other halves so that we deal with them accordingly. Men I’m talking to you as well on this one! Patience, understating, and compromising are a big part of the relationship keys I believe every person in the union should study. When you learn to be patient in the relationship you learn how to listen to what your partner speaks and lean how they expect to be handled.

Going into a “situation-ship” is the perfect time to discuss the do’s and don’ts, and wills and won’ts. I’ll tell you this though…! Learn how to embrace love by being able to let go of certain things by finding a way to make your partner feel comfortable in the way that they compromise as well. Don’t think of being patient and compromising as you being the weaker one.

You’re learning to live as two, you’re being compassionate to the person you love, you are making sure his/her love keys are being stroked enough that they’re confident enough in your relationship to believe you have their back. Everyone wants to know the person they love will put them first most of the time. So remember luvz, compromising in your Union is NOT negotiable!-Donnie Sharrell