Mansion Baby!#4 (The conclusion)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Here’s the last Installment to our first shared short story…!

Nothing! There was nothing for a long long time. Finally the sound of my baby’s shrieking cries pull me back to reality where a bright light lingers above my head. My first body reaction was to try and flee, but I was tied down so naturally I try and fight, but I was unable to do that as well.

A few feet away from me in the bright light a figure appears. My head was pounding and my eyes were filled up with tears so it was hard to see, but I manage it. The sound of high heels clicking across the floor getting closer to me by the second fills my ears. I began to try and squirm loose, that is until I here the cuckoo’s coming from my precious baby boy.

It seems we’ve gotten ourselves in a pickle.”
Recognizing the voice of the madam wasn’t too hard. She had one of those low raspy cynical voices that sent chills down my spine. I start to scream…
“Where’s my baby”?

The Madden laughs aloud. Now my vision had started to stabilize and I could see this crazy-ass woman standing over me in her bright red evening gown, holding my baby. The madam says,
“Don’t you mean the baby you’re gonna’ forget about”?
I scream out.

She reaches back and smacks me right across the face.
“No fuck you, you little ungrateful bitch.”
The madam starts to Pace back and forth clicking as she goes.
“You put a spell on my boy and now we’re all in a vine”
The madam continues.

All of a sudden two men enter the room untie me from the table I was strapped to, and retie me to a chair. Seeing my baby sound asleep in this crazy ladies arms was killing me.
“Whatever I did to this family I apologize. Please just stop this psycho shit!”
As I plead she grins and kisses my baby on the forehead.

“This baby is the first multi-raced child in this long lineage of successors. He will grow to be great and take our name on to penetrate and dominate untouched markets. The boy will need guidance and I refuse to let you bring him down to whatever status you come from.”

As she spoke the two men were putting together some contraption around me.

I had to think of everything I could here! Hell I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I say..
“His duty in this family will be met if you let us go, I swear.”
Madam motions for the men to do their jobs and they do.

Something was put on my head like a helmet before they hand The madam a tiny remote then exit the room.
“Don’t worry honey you and your baby will be well taken care of. Just think, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my family safe so we aren’t too different here. Now kiss your son.”

She holds my bright eyed baby out in front of me dangling my entire future there. At that vary moment I sunk into myself because I knew I’d been defeated. His skin was warm on my lips, I hold on to the feeling of that memory as the lights around us start to flicker. Suddenly a burst of energy jolts through my body causing endless amounts of breathtaking pain.

The last thing I remember was flashing images of those haunting mansion walls. My baby’s eyes, his cries, and most of all the warmth of his newborn skin connected to mine. Then again, there was nothing…!

-Donnie Sharrell

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