I choose me….

Thanks for tuning in luvz! I was asked by someone close to me why it’s so easy for me to walk away from most all situations or as they see it, “turn my back”…..

My response: As a young woman, I have to prioritize my emotions. At one point in my life I was that person that would fight until the end, for love respect and justification. It felt like nobody heard me unless I yelled, they didn’t understand unless I spent time explaining, they didn’t believe my love was full unless I broke my back showing it. With age heartbreak and time, came growth and understanding that led me to the “I don’t give a f*** stage in my life.”

Photo by:LadonyaBurks

Dwelling on situations turned me into a downer, and I was emotionally miserable. Once I looked in the mirror one day and could see the mean unhappiness on my own damn face, that was it. I started to laugh at the things that once made me frown and held me down. With the loves that had disappeared, I was able to chunk that up as a loss they’d taken, not me.

At this stage in my life I was teaching myself to breakaway. Breakaway from emotional ties to situation-ship’s that I knew had no beneficial properties. Breakaway from petty shit that I would once flip tables over. Breakaway from that emotional chemical imbalances by taking care of my mental and physical being.

Once I started to take care of ME, nothing else measured up enough to make me fret any longer. This is when I became the nonchalant person that I am today. The me today can cut you off without a blink, can laugh while you scream, and turn my back on anything or anyone who is toxic to myself or my family. Don’t get it twisted though, ya girl still has feelings and I do get in my feelings from time to time.

But… I’m good at masking my emotions and putting things to the side while I get my mind right. So luvz, the advice from Donyaz corner to you on this day, just say fuck it! You’ll feel allot better later on down the road –Donnie Sharrell

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