Safety in Sex quarantine

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Quarantine can be a miserable drag, so I have something Alittle naughty to help keep you entertained….

As boredom strikes, we pass seductive glances between us. You slide your hands in-between my soft Shae buttered thighs while I caress the back of your tiny ears. The air between us starts to thicken, as boredom strikes

My body melts into yours with every kiss you plant on my stripped body. The tension is high and the release is necessary, we need this. You stretch my legs out with your muscular body as I bend into you. Your body is so eager to learn as I train your movement’s to match mine. We both breathe in and release heavily as your body melt into mine

There’s weeks to go but I’m willing to keep you busy. I’m willing to lick and suck you as you stare up at the morning sun. I’m willing to cook you breakfast and serve it to you in bed without any clothes so your visual stimulation stays sharp. I’m willing to sit on your lap while you play your game just so you know it’s real.

There’s weeks to go, but your safety is my concern. Even if that means sex quarantine! -Donnie Sharrell

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