Bella’s Naughty Quest’s! (the business suitor)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s follow Bella on her sexual conquests….

The bright star light bounces off the slim bridge that dipped in the base of Bella’s nose as she stared up into her suitors eyes. He caresses her partially exposed breasts causing her raisin sized nipples to harden. Bella uses her finger tips to roam the hard body that stood in front of her. Her inner pussy lips had began to moisten as her suitor drops down to her level. All though she was opening up her body to the suitor, she was still as nervous as she was in every moment she had to choose. Being a sex enthusiast/addict wasn’t easy on the mind, but it damn sure felt good to the body and soul.

The thrill was everything. As the wind from the Autumn night blows through Bella’s hair, the suitor wraps his lips around her nipples as he pushes his body in-between her thighs. Bella reaches into the businessmans suit pants to massage his manhood. The feeling of his erect piece sends sharp spurs of ecstacy through Bella’s whole body. She shoves his hands deeper in-between her hot thighs and onto her wet flower bed. Her moans echo off the balcony then out into the dark star studded sky. Every suck of the nipple drew more moisture from Bella’s hot place. Finally the moment was too much for the suitor to bare.

He pushes Bella on her back and snatches the already half shirt she wore the rest of the way off of her body, fully exposing her breasts. Her body lay glistening under the night sky as she lay fully exposed on the porch ottoman. He buries his face in Bella’s hot place with his tongue fully ajar. The base of her back arches in pleasure as she spread her soft shea buttered legs as wide as they could go. It amazed the young connoisseur how well her suitor could suck a pussy.

Her slim body starts to convulse as the stars align above her and the sweet thick nectar starts to drip Tom within. The orgasm had been so intense that it caused a chain reaction from the businessman. As Bella reclothed he set on his knees with a look of embarrassment written all over his entire being. The moment was so intense that he’d been sexually humiliated all the while giving the young beauty please. Bella shoves her panties in her handbag and switches out of the suitors apartment, letting the nectar she’d just dripped glaze her inner thighs. -Donnie Sharrell

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