Blue Bird#2

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Here’s part two of Blue Bird…

I must of passed out back in the van because the next thing I remember is my eyes creeping open to find myself cuffed to a twin sized metal bed. The room was a brick one, the type of painted school wall bricks. My heart starts pounding out of my chest and I try screaming, but my voice only echos off the brick walls. Finally I go horse and just lay silent.

There were two tiny windows way up on the wall, damn near on the ceiling. I must of stared at those windows for hours because the next thing I knew, the sun had fallen. My mind started to play tricks on me because for a second, I could of sworn I heard that same blue birds song from the park. All of a sudden the door at the far left of the room opens, and in walks two men.The fucker who’d thrown that bag on my damn head walks over and stands at the end of the metal bed. His big Russian looking friend stood in the doorway with a chrome piece in his hand, and a glare on his pale face

“Burg, get her up and bring her to clean up with de’ other girls. Our guests arrive soon” says the big Russian. Now I knew the name of the man with the beautiful voice who went and threw me in the back of the damn ‘napper’ van. The more information I had about my surroundings the better chance I had to get my ass home.

Burg looks me square in my eyes and for a quick second I thought I seen a hint of emotion, but it quickly fades. “Get up and follow me when I uncuff you. If you try to run, Fallow over there will put a bullet in your head. Nod if you understand?”
I believed Fallow would shoot me, so I do exactly as I’m told.

The two men lead me down a long brick hallway and upstairs. Even though the building structure didn’t change from the brick industrial style once we got upstairs, the entire vibe did. We were in some type of intimate club cabaret style scene. Burg leads me to the way… Back of the building to what was basically considered a dressing room.

Four other women were in the room getting themselves together. All of us were from a different nationally, Burg motions for the Indian girl to come over to us.
“Thirteen will help you get ready and you’ll Shadow her tonight. From now on you will answer to 23” he tells me. Once Burg had disappeared, 13 leads me to a dressing rack that was swamped and vintage cabaret-style garments.

“Don’t worry 23 you’ll do fine, just don’t start any shit. No one’s going to help you so don’t ask, and there’s no way to escape so don’t try or you’ll put all of our lives in jeopardy.”
My emotions were frozen as I thought about being referred to as a number for the rest of my life. First I had to see what this whole charade was about so I could use the crack in this organization to get myself home. Believe me, every dirty business has a crack in it’s foundation. If not, then what did that mean for me?
To be continued….. -Donnie Sharrell

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