Bella’s Naughty Quest’s (the bartender)

Thanks for tuning in luvz let’s follow Bella on her next sexy conquest…..

Finally the Saturday night bar crowd had begun to die down. Bella and the mixologist had been exchanging naughty signals all night and the time was finally approaching. As the last straggler exits the bar, Bella makes her way over to the dark booth in the back that set next to the dusty pool table. She slides her panties off, neatly folds them up and places them on the table in front of her.

It doesn’t take long for the bartender to lock up and fall right into Bella’s honey trap. She opens her silk dress to reveal a naked body, then strips the mixologist of everything but his shirt. His member was fully aware of the situation as Bella wraps her manicured fingers around the veiny member and starts to caress him in a rough Manor. The young curly haired bartender leans his head back as he massages Bella’s small shoulders.

Bella doesn’t put the full penise in her mouth. She uses her luscious lips and the tip of her tongue to play around the base of the head of the member. The bartenders body was starting to tense up just as Bella pulls away. He looks into her eyes and gets every answer he needed. The young man snatches his date up on her feet by the elbow and picks her up off of her feet.

He puts Bella up on the pool table with a thud and pushes her knees up beside her plump breast’s. The feeling of his wet mouth over her body makes the beautiful addicts every sense tingle. He straps up and uses both hands to spread her flower wide enough to slide his throbbing penis straight in. Bella’s eyes grow wide with pleasure as she pumps her hips into the bartenders labored thrust.

His pace wasn’t steady but it was deep and rough.
“Choke me…” Bella demands.
The bartender hesitates so Bella gets up on her knees and wraps his hands around her neck by herself. Her pussy pulses around his penise causing the young man to be hypnotized and do just what she wanted. He places one hand around Bella’s neck and the other on her hip so he’s have good grip to dig deeper in Bella’s organs.

The old pool table shook as their grunts and moans filled the bar. Bella was throwing her ass back in a circular motion so wide that the bartender could barely control it. The deeper he dug the closer Bella go to her goal. The mixologist puts both hands around the young beauty neck squeezing Alittle tighter with every pounding pump.

Finally the orgasm had reached the pit of Bella’s stomach. She spreads her legs as wide as they could go causing her breasts to press up against the dusty table. Her body begins to shake starting at her toes then moving up her entire body. The room had begun to close in around her as the thick nectar that was filled with her sweet essence stats to spill out onto the bartenders swollen penise.

Just as he was about to get what he’d been propositioned for, Bella hops up. As soon as he removes the rubber and the air hits his pulsing member the feeling of ecstacy takes over his entire being. Bella watches as the milky white substance spills from the tip of the bartenders manhood and shoots out all over her thigh. She uses her index finger and thumb to inspect the healthiess of her quick fuck.

The bartender was left standing ass out as he watches the most spontaneous fuck of his life walk away. Bella purposely leaves her panties behind on the table to give the good fuck something to sniff when he touched himself thinking about her later. She gets into her car and looks down at her leg before pulling away. The bartenders stained outline set on her thigh, leaving her a momentary memory of ecstacy! -Donnie Sharrell

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