Blue Bird#3

Thanks for tuning in luvz! let’s continue part 3 of our second shared story…

13 and I were placed at a table with two white men who were visibly in their late forties. The man 13 was put to tend too wasn’t the suit and tie type, but he had the smell of money all over him. My guy was the heavier set aggressive one who was clearly a regular here at this fucked up setup. Most of the men in the building were engaged in some type of gambling scheme including the two men 13 and I were tended to.

There were a few girls who’d walk around serving drinks, passing out money and some type of key cards while others entertained by pulling men up on their feet to dance along to the piano. My suitor catches me paying way too much attention to the setup of things and tightly grabs my thigh. “You are a pretty one” he grins.
“Do you dance dance”?
I wanted so badly to slap his hands away but I knew better, Burg and Fallow were in the cut watching me like Hawks.

“No I don’t do much dancing” I respond. The rosy cheeked white male grins wide as he struggles to get out of his chair, then pulls me up onto the makeshift dance floor. He automatically wraps his chubby fingers around my ass cheeks and pulls me close making me damn near gag. When I looked over at 13 she had to fakest smile on as she fed her suitor cocktail shrimp.

There were about 10 tables with girls ranging from early teen years too late twenties. I held back a burst tears as I thought about how much fear in pain these women had endured. Some girl walks up and hands my suitor a gold key and a money clip full of cash. He yelled something to 13’s date and suddenly the mood shifts once again. We were being led toward the way I’d been brought up stairs, and my heart starts to sink into the pit of my gut.

My body turns to fight and I try to run but he had a hold of my wrist. I can hear 13 begging me to calm down but I couldn’t, I was panicking. Now I was pulling and cursing so much that I ended up drawing attention. Burg pops up out of nowhere and a bag was thrown over my head yet again, but this time the bag is plastic so I immediately start to suffocate. He tossed me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes as I start to lose air and go unconscious.

This time around when I wake up I was in a bathtub full of ice. My immediate reaction was to flee from the cold but I was met by a boot to the face knocking me right back in the tub. My eyes water as my nose starts to leak.
“You’ll obey or freeze to death”
Fallows Russian accent made his threat all the more scary.

As he paced the room my toes had began to go numb. My body was starting to freeze all over so it was clear I had already been in the ice for a while. I close my eyes and turn the blank space into a notebook, I had to escape. The story I start writing was one of the bluebird because that blue bird was the last beautiful thing I had seen. I yearned for the site of him, he was the symbolism of my freedom! To be continued…… -Donnie Sharrell

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