Bella’s Naughty Quest’s (the instructors disappointment)

Thanks for tuning in Luvz! Let’s follow Bella on her sexual conquests….

As the water from the pool starts to chill on Bella’s bathing suit, she rushes across the tile floors to her locker. After every class Bella stayed late at the pool to get a few laps in, and today was no different. She steps out of her bathing suit and climbs in the open gym showers to rinse her smooth skin off the chlorine. The sound of the water dripping off of her naked body and onto the tile floor echos throughout the locker room, giving the sound impression of a heavy rainfall.

As Bella dries off outside of her locker, suddenly the locker room door swings open and footsteps start to patter through the place. Bella turns around with the towel wrapped around her long hair with her perky round breast exposed, to face off with a familiar face. As soon as her swimming instructor lays eyes on his students naked body, he covers his eyes and spins around to face the opposite direction.
“Oh my gosh Bella I apologise. I thought everyone was gone so I came to finish my end of the night clean up before I head out.”

Bella didn’t even flench at the fact that her swimming instructor just seen her naked body. Actually, it kind of turned her on!
“Don’t worry about it, clearly it was meant to be”
Bella’s says with a seductive grin on her face and a dip in her hip. The instructor’s body tenses up as she walks up behind him and reaches around to grab his manhood.

His breathing had become labored, and he was starting to bulge out from his swimming pants. This was the moments that Bella longed for, the act of causing sexual tension was everything to her. She drops down to her knees and pulls his stretched manhood out immediately slipping it in-between her plump coca brown lips. The instructor’s body goes stiff and his eyes grow wide with pleasure and surprise.

Yes he’d fantasized about doing freaky shit with his sexy ambitious student, but he never thought it would happen. Just as his knees were starting to buckle, Bella hops to her feet and aggressively pushes him up against the lockers. She hops up and he catches her in the air so she could wrap her body around his. The instructor didn’t struggle to hold Bella’s wait at all, but it might of been because he was eager to feel the inside of her walls.

The sound of Bella’s wet box made an easy stir macaroni sound as he slow stroked inside of her. Her head was thrown back as if she was enjoying it, but she wasn’t. He wasn’t hitting her walls the right way, he was too soft. After a quick seven minutes her instructor’s fit body starts to shake uncontrollably as his nut builds up. He drops Bella on her feet in just the right amount of time to blow his disappointing load on Bella’s manicured toes.

The teacher doesn’t even make eye contact with his student which was fine with Bella. She gives him a nod and quickly makes her way back to the shower, dripping stickyness with every step. Now the young sex enthusiast would make it her mission to find someone who could FUCK the sexual tension out of her! -Donnie Sharrell

2 thoughts on “Bella’s Naughty Quest’s (the instructors disappointment)

  1. Wow what a brilliant mind the stories are chilling and real I can’t stop reading I’m waiting for more I’m very proud of you


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