Donyaz Corner Tea Time#6 (Adult friendships)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! So we’re going to discuss the Ups and downs, wishes and good an ugly in managing friendship’s in adulthood….

So as teenagers you have a few friends that you’re inseparable from. You go through rough patches, arguments, jealousy and sometimes even fights, but at most times making up is inevitable. As adults it’s much more difficult! Its difficult because as an adult your thinking process is deeper then it is as a kid. You have to manage family, jobs, dreams and most times being a parent. You’re feelings hurt more, your past comes to head, things that you could look over back then, you can’t anymore.

When I see those old ladies who’ve been friends since childhood out shopping, sitting on the porch, intertwining families and so on, I want that too. Having a husband is everything because he can be all of that, but it’s not the same as having another female who you can bond with as a forever duo. It’s so hard because female friendships are very delicate and it’s even harder trying to carry on a friendship from your teenage years. It’s hard because as teens you form this idea of someone and it’s hard to change that perspective as an adult. We have to stop doing that to eachother especially as women.

Quit hating on the next person and try to learn from them. Don’t assume and be so easy to cut people off because you don’t know who’s really going to have your back. Be that shoulder to cry on, learn how to apologize to those you hurt for your past and present wrong doings. Not every other female is out to get you! Share your life because life is lonely when you’re doing it by yourself. Nooooooo it’s not going to be easy, but hell what’s life without challenges.

When you’re not happy with yourself it’s not easy to be happy in a friendship or a relationship, so you have to learn yourself before any of that can be possible. You think those 25-30 year friendships are easy? Hell no they went though men troubles together, jealousy, kids, marriages, hurts, sicknesses, fights, fallouts, and even deaths. But the one thing they do that our generation doesn’t know how to is lift the next up. They Support eachother, put their pride to the side when it’s necessary, and break from eachother when is needed so when they come back around no love is lost.

We have to do better because we are the mother’s of this universe. If we can’t stand as a female unit then the generations to come will only hate eachother all the more. They won’t compliment, nor be loyal, or know how to have a friendship that doesn’t end over a male or disloyalty. Teach by setting the example! I’m trying to do the same because Lord knows I know how difficult keeping a friendship with another female can be! -Donnie Sharrell

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