Bella’s Naughty quest (the baller)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s follow Bella on another sexy conquest….

The party was classy so of course there were allot of beautiful women in the room catching the eye of most of the shot callers. Then in walks Bella in her red dress with the thigh high slip and her attention demanding strut. She grabs a champagne and slowly works the edges of the room being cautious of who she gave her eye contact too. It didn’t take long for Bella to spot one that she wanted to work out and baits him over to the bar area.

“I’ve seen you around before, haven’t I”?
The 6’4 200 and something pound drop of chocolate asks from the left of Bella.
“I wouldn’t know that but it’s possible. Anything’s possible.”
She says with that same seductive grin spread across her face that hypnotized all of her plays. This one was no different!

Bella let’s the baller buy her a few drinks and pretends to listen to him boast about his 120 yard career. After the last trash dick she’d gotta, Bella was determined to choose the right suitor this go around and it didn’t take long to get him out to her car. She sits on the center console and spreads her legs on both seats so the baller could climb through from the backseat. As soon as he pulls his long thick member from his jeans Bella gasp’s, it was perfect.

Her insides were already starting to drip when the Baller straps up and enters her with force. He shows no mercy as he pounds inside of her making the windows start to fog. Bella pulls her breasts from underneath her shirt and starts to pinch her hardened nipples as she hangs her head up watching the ballers every stroke. He had an intense gaze on his face while he used his palms to spread Bella’s ass cheeks as wide as they’ would go. His stroke was so good that Bella couldn’t help but to let screeching groans escape and dig her fingernails into the back of his thick neck.

She was wide open, her honey liquid was pouring out onto the ballers pulsing member as her kegels got to work. He puts Bella’s right leg over his shoulder so he could dig deeper into her wetness while he slow stroked. Bella could feel it happening As he grabs her perky breasts and licks all the way across both sucking on each one Alittle as he went. Suddenly a shocking pleasure shoots through her body causing her to go week and fall backwards on the dashboard. The baller grabs a handful of her hair and starts to beat in Bella’s insides making the entire car shake as her juices start to shoot all over his thick six pack.

Her whole body shook uncontrollably causing exactly what Bella wanted, a chain reaction. Her suitor starts to do repeated crunches as his eyes roll in the back of his head and his fingers dig into Bella’s leather seats. When he looks down and sees the grin on her face, so many questions pop into his mind. One wasn’t if she’d used him for the sex though, That was made clear when she pulls off without saying a word to him!-Donnie Sharrell

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