Springtime orgasm

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Here’s another poem for you…

The burning desires that fill up Inside of me at the sight of you cause my lower lips to start to moisten. Every muscle in your body bulks out as you strip away your clothing and I lick my lips, able to taste you before I ever got the chance too. As our bodies intertwine the feeling of your soft skin on mine makes me melt right underneath you. Your strong member pressing up again my inner thighs turn my breathing heavy as the desire to have you inside of me intensifies.

The afternoon sun enters through the window bathing our bare bodies. As you enter my lotus making Spring time rain from within me we lock fingers. The king that I’d given my kingdom too was proving himself worthy of the labored breathing and paced thrust’s. Our energies match, our bodies were equally motivated to please the other with no hesitation. As you agree to give me all of you I agree to take you, all of you in stride, all pressure!

Sweat drips from your shoulders down my inner breasts ticking me as it rolls. I wrap my lower half around yours while you grip my ass cheeks to pull deeper and deeper with ever breath. As the room heats up so do my gripping walls. I let out a gracious groan looking up into the springtime sun, just as your eyes close and your triceps start to tighten. You made the cut just as you’d done so many times before, you’d brought in the season with the best springtime dick I could ask for! -Donnie Sharrell

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