Another Sad Nightmare!

Thanks for tuning in luvz…!

As I walk the long brightening path toward my life giving being, the feeling of needles Peirce the bottoms of my bare feet. The sound waves were so deep that my hearing was lost and my body was starting to shake, but I couldn’t stop. Stopping would mean I would lose her and I couldn’t let that happen, not again. I’d lost her once before and it nearly killed me!

My feet bled as I cry out for her but she doesn’t turn around, she doesn’t even acknowledge me. It was if she was headed to a specific place and it was the only thing in her eyesight. I start to run but the bottoms of my feet had begun to peel away, I was losing momentum. My eyes were filled with tears as I drop to my knees, and now she was starting to disappear.

She stops and just as I thought she was about to turn around my eyes pop open. My body was covered in sweat but my limbs wouldn’t move. I was stuck in a trance as the the tears pour down onto my pillow. Once again I’d missed her by only a few feet, only a couple of minutes, and a last breath!-Donnie Sharrell

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