Twilight Hotel! Pt.1

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s enjoy the beginning of another shared short story…

As the jazz music blared from the instruments of the live band, I couldn’t stop my hips from swaying from side to side to the beat. The hotel ballroom was beginning to get a crowd as the night owls came to life, the boozers gathered their coins, and the searchers stopped searching. The tan gown I was wearing draped around me like a fitting robe as the long slip in my side exposed my long freshly buttered leg. As the servers make their drink rounds, I grab a glass of champagne and head to the base of the red staircase where I could have a good view of the room.

I was busy watching a young couple hug up in the center of the dance floor, too busy to notice the sexy fella headed my way. The couple seemed so happy, so in love and free that I kinda felt Alittle jealous watching them. Then came the quiet baritone voice “Telling you how beautiful you are would be pointless”.
My attention was usually on business 18 hours of the day which didn’t leave much room for any man to catch my attention long enough for a full introduction. Money and status had become my life!

I take a gulp from my wine glass and don’t even put on a pretend smile.
“Why would it be pointless?”
I ask with a questionable grin. He chuckles a half chuckle and says,
“I’m sure it’s no secret to you that you are a damn masterpiece”.
He was right, I knew I’d been blessed with the gift of beauty, I realized that early on in life and used it too.
“You’re right, thanks” I say with a slight grin on my pretty face.

Handsome leaves me standing in my bossiness as he heads up the stairs toward the hotel rooms. The hotel had one of those lost in olden times type of vibes once you were inside it. Hours would pass that felt like only minutes but It was always like you got out just in time for you not to lose track of life. No matter how many times it happened to you though, the atmosphere in the place was too intoxicating that returning was inevitable. I was no acception, I go to my room to freshen up before making my way to the fancy dinner Hall, I hadn’t eaten all day so I needed food.

The dinning Hall was dimly lit and seating was random, anyone could sit anywhere. I find a small table in the back of the room under a decorative tree to enjoy my steak. Just as it was starting to get good I hear the chair across from me screech, someone sits down then it screeches once more. I look up to stare a beautiful tan skinned model looking broad in the face. Her exterior was as hard as mine, but I ignore her ass until she speaks

“You must be the beauty I’ve heard so much about…!”
I didn’t know who’d be telling her about me so I don’t say anything, I just chew my steak while I stare back at her. She says,
“My name’s Bailey, the owners my grandfather”.
I didn’t want to be rude so I crack a fake grin as we shake hands,
“Ohh nice to meet you Bailey” I say.
It gets oddly silent for a few seconds then the beauty slides me a card across the table before getting up and disappearing across the dinning room.

I don’t look at the card until I’m threw with dinner. On one side there was a photo of the hotel, on the other side there was a hand written message.
It read,
(Want to loosen up?
Meet us at the top of the red staircase at 11:30 beauty is your entry fee)

I stuff the card in my wallet and head back to my room to get Alittle work done before I take a bubble bath and enjoy more of the complimentary bar. It seemed like forever since I had spoken to anyone outside of the hotel, I’d totally checked out. Maybe this ominous invite wouldn’t be a bad thing after all, right?
To be continued..!-Donnie Sharrell

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