Bella’s Naughty Quest (diner boy surprise)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s follow Bella on one of her NEWEST sexual conquests…..

Bella set in the orange diner booth flipping her chewy steak around on her plate as she gazes out of the huge dusty window beside her. The week had run long and allot had come up that had her stressed. Just as her fork makes a clinking sound on the plate someone says,
“I guess my aunt’s steak isn’t quite as good as my grandma’s because you usually tare your order up”.

Bella looks up into the hazel eyes of her usual server and notices something about him she never had before. The young man was barely out of legal but he was more grown up, he was muscular and out right fine as hell.

That may be true, but It’s not an issue. I’m just in my head today, but thanks for noticing”
She nods towards him without any eye contact. The fine diner worker takes a few steps away from Bella’s table before backtracking and taking a seat across from her in the booth. He says,
If I asked you out on a date, would you turn me down because of where I work”?
Bella cracks a smile for the first time today, he was beaming with so much confidence that it turned her on. “Turning you down wouldn’t be because of your occupation. It would be because dates aren’t my thing, I’m a straight to the point kind of lady” Bella giggles.

The diner worker bites his bottom lip as he tries to catch the hint. He responds in a hushed tone,
I go on break in ten minutes. There’s a black Chevrolet truck out back, meet me there”.
He slides a set of keys across the table to Bella before he discreetly gets up and goes back to work. Bella finishes her drink before heading out back to climb in the backseat of the young man’s truck, straight Razer ready just in case he was a damn nut case. He didn’t leave her waiting vary long before emerging from the diner.

No time was waisted before Bella was stripping them both bare. Breathing like they’re already started, he pulls out a rubber making Bella laugh aloud. She shakes her head no as she aggressively pulls the diner boys face straight into her sweetness. His inexperience immediately showed but Bella didn’t mind being a teacher. She places her hand on the back of his neck to guide him as she rolls her hips back and forth onto his tongue. The diner boy had no clue what he was doing but he definitely wasn’t a quitter.

He spreads her legs wide and sucks her pussy as if it’s butterscotch. Bella raises her hands above her head as he goes to work, you gotta love a fast learner! As diner boys eating her up, he slides the rubber onto his stiffened member before pulling her ontop of him. Bella straddles the sexy young man reverse cowgirl style, and with every grind he gave the same hip efforts back. She uses the roof handle to steady herself so when she threw her ass back in such a confined space it wouldn’t become hazardous. Diner boy grips both Bella’s sides so he could push back into her with all the force his manhood could muster up.

Bella had totally misjudged this young man’s stamina, he was putting in work. If she hadn’t been a fully experienced women in the era of her prime, he would of been her go to guy. She leans up to have the seat causing his pulsing member to slip out of her wetness. Before Bella could take control young and sexy goes for it first. He grabs her by the thigh and pulls her down into his penise causing her eyes to damn near pop out of her head.

Bellas entire body was frozen as the diner boy slowly Stokes the wrong entry way. Surprisingly the sexy sex connoisseur had never done anal before, and because it was involuntary comprehension was slow. Just as her partners body starts to tense up and he gets ready to blow, Bella’s muscle were starting to loosen up. The pleasurable sensation was cut short as he starts to bang on the seats yelling at the top of his lungs.
It’s happening yes yes yes it’s happening….!

He pulls out and the thick substance shoots out onto Bella’s lower back. They both lay on the seats of the truck breathing heavily as their minds were blown from the fact that they had a brand-new shared experience. Bella knew the diner boy had opened up an entire new lane of sex for her, this was going to be fun! -Donnie Sharrell

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