“AskDonya” (why I write on paper)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! I’m gonna let you beauties in on why I blog, write my books, poetry and everything else on paper first! It’s literally an addiction…

For starters let me say that I don’t have anything against the “no paper trail team”. It’s just for me I’m not one of those people who totally trust technically with my art. Growing up in my environment and era getting to a computer wasn’t the norm so we used pencil/pen and paper. Not only that but seeing my work written out by me is total satisfaction and it helps hone my craft. Why? Because when I have to put in the effort to work through this wrist pains, the finger cramps and the momentary arthritis, I know I’ve sacrificed.

I learned to read at 3 years old thanks to my mother and writing came Shortly after. In kindergarten I wrote my first fiction short story that hung on my wall for years. Writing that story and seeing it day after day ignited a fire in me that still burns in my soul this vary day. It’s like seeing my work written out makes me trust it more, it helps to manifest the next part of my project.

Over all that I’m also a cautions paranoid person when it comes to my work. If it’s handwritten the program I’m working on can’t crash in the middle. If I handwrite it first it won’t be hard to prove its my work if someone decides to steal my work. Holding the solid paper in my hands once I’m done gives me a feeling of security which I don’t get when I just close my laptop. Yes this may be more difficult and I may have to do a bit more work, but that’s not even the half of my weird craft ways. So there it is, my addiction to writing everything out on paper and why!-Donnie sharrell

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