Twilight hotel! PT.2

Thanks for tuning in luvz… Enjoy the second installment of our short story!

As I waited at the top of the stairwell in my silky gold curve hugging party dress, my mind was starting to play with me. I didn’t know this girl from Adam, and yet I was intrigued by her. Just as I turn to head back downstairs for the bar I was met by handsome from earlier. He was holding a glass of wine that he holds out towards me once he reaches the top of the stairs.
“Were you going somewhere beautiful?”
He had that same calm sexy tone that he had when we’d met earlier.

I kindly accept the glass but I do not drink from it.
“I thought I was supposed to meet Bailey here is all”
I nervously respond. Handsome takes me by the arm with a grin, as he leads the way he whispers…
“My wife is awaiting us. She’s entertaining the rest of our guests.”
Now I really didn’t know what i had gotten myself into, so why couldn’t I just say no and go? Why was this whole secretively mysterious fucked up situation drawing me in more and more every second.

After a short walk we arrive at an elevator that would easily be missed if you didn’t know it existed. Handsome doesn’t speak a word as the elevator shook with every floor we passed. We get off on the 8th floor and arrive in a part of the hotel that I had never been before, it was really dimly lit and eerily quiet. Handsome knocks twice on a door at the vary end of the hall that didn’t have any numbers, someone on the other side let’s us in. “Babe our guest of honor is here” handsome announced as he leads me through the apartment like hotel room.

Bailey pops out of nowhere dressed in sexy all black attire, kind of like a freaky countess.
“Yes we’ve been waiting on you beautiful, come join us.”
Bailey pulls me into the sitting area where two more couples set eyeing me like the main piece at an art show.
I was so nervous I had to drink the wine and Bailey was quick to pour me up another glass. Before I knew it I had loosened up and has actually enjoying the small chit chat. I was even down for the game one of the couple’s suggested we play, that is until I started to pay attention.

The game consisted of someone being blind folded as they guessed the feel or taste of random objects. Of course handsome goes first and everyone was super normal, then it was my turn to be blind folded. The room gets hushed all of a sudden. I feel someone get close to me and then my arms are being tied behind my back,
“No wait… What’s happening?”
I plead trying to hide the fear that was building up inside of me.

“Don’t fret honey. I promise you’ll enjoy yourself”
Bailey says as someone gags me. My chairs tilted on its back and my heart starts pounding out of my chest as I feel my clothes being stripped from my body. All my muffled pleading fell on deaf ears! Like a sick teasing joke handsome uncovers my eyes to let me see the two couples watching as he and Bailey rubbed their hands all over my body. I could feel myself getting wet but I was truly afraid, an then handsome dangles a whip over my head with that same sexy grin from earlier.

“Take her to the bedroom guys. I’m ready da play baby.”
Handsome pulls Bailey into his arms and shoves his tongue in the back of her mouth, no one in the room even flinches at this shit. Bailey looks me dead in my eyes in an intense Manor as the two other men in the room carry me off to the bedroom.
To be continued…. -Donnie Sharrell

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