Donyaz Corner Tea Time#9

Thanks for tuning in luvz…! Let’s sit back in our corner cut and sip tea while we discuss self-control…

Now both men and women have an issue with controlling ourselves, it just depends on the depth of the situation that gets us out of character. Lately I’ve been seeing allot of us doing this lately and I’m just going to give my luvz a pass on this one. Self control isn’t just about the way you act, it’s in our actions, it’s in the way we think and prepare. When you wake up in the morning and start your thought process with a scripture or by writing or reading, you are controlling thy self. When you’re in a situation and you think of the outcome before you respond, you are controlling thy self.

As people we can’t control too many things in our lives, so self control is something we must keep a grasp on. Ladies you knew I was coming for you because we are the damn light…! We have to have control at all times which is hard, I know this but what we don’t have we can’t pass onto our daughters. Don’t show them the drunken wild women, the hurt bae, the mean girl, the unforgiving bitter bish. Talk to them, let them know that controlling yourself is controlling the situation.

Men… You are the muscle and the protectors over your families yes in deed, but I don’t know if you guys quite know what that means. It doesn’t mean you control everything, it doesn’t mean you know best, and it doesn’t mean you have to fight to prove how strong you are. Yes you need most to have self control. Why? Because they may need to look at the women as the lead but society doesn’t, they look at the MAN. You set the tone and if you can have control over ones self then your family will follow suit. It’s the hardest on you to do, I know this, but practice makes perfect and as the muscle you can do whatever you put your mind too!

I know that people will get under your skin and try their best to make your blood boil. I know that you can’t control feeling pain but you can control the response as I usually put it. Don’t expect to loose control and then have the reaction be simple, because usually when you loose it on someone they return the favor. Remember My Luvz.. you need to retain your control, it’s the real ambiance of your true self…!-Donnie Sharrell

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