Desired Heart ties!

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His eyes peirce my soul with the intent of understanding a woman’s being and mental capacity. His lips speak the words of blissful knowing that only he can speak. I Study his face as he digs deeper into my mental with the intellect of a full blown man. His breathing changes with every emotion and every indepth turn in the conversation, I learn him. As my heart opens I let the story play out on its own, I become his muse!

He becomes my confined purpose to succeed. Seceding in the purpose of studying his manly aura. The aura that draws me to him has a light that reflects the color gold, it digs beneath my heart’s surface tugging at a thing that once upon a time could never be moved. The place that he has discovered was once unknown, this place was a place that men only went to hurt but now he wanted to know it, be embodied in it, what is she to do?

To open up means to be vulnerable, too be vulnerable means you have to be subjective to the hurt one may reflect on to you, is that love? Is the lust that grows in his eyes a love that I’m willing to receive? Only my heart knows what’s been patched and what’s still open, and only I can determine the amount of room I’m willing to give him to move into that empty space. We as lovers must have rooms in our hearts for desires to grow and seasons to pass.

No journey is the same just as no path is walked at the same pace. New beginnings mean new experiences that the mind body and soul grow from. This is what makes us human! If we don’t agree to experience new faces of love, New soul piercing thought-provoking conversations,then who are we to say that we live a life with no regret? Who are we to say that we gave ourselves a chance at love, if when Love hurts us we turn our backs on it?

My job is to open myself to the possibility of complete Bliss. This I will do by looking into his eyes and listening to the changes of the bass in his voice. By studying the wrinkles in his forehead and the gaze from his eyes. This I will do by forgetting those padded rooms and locked doors that the hurt once created in my heart. I’ll let him fill his room with the possibility of nothing but happiness and understanding! I will attempt to do what us as women tell ourselves we will not..! I’ll give him the chance to prove that as a man he can be what my heart desires! –Donnie Sharrell

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