Twilight Hotel!Pt.3

Thanks for tuning in luvz! let’s enjoy the second installment of our newest shared short story...!

My eyes had began to water as the couple strips me naked to have their way with me. With every swing of the whip the husband let’s out one of the most pleasurable sounding sadist groans I had ever heard. The bed I was tied too didn’t allow me to sink as Bailey climbed onto of me to lick me from my thighs up to my fully exposed breasts. Bailey looks up at her husband
She demands him to whip me.

The whip makes a whistling sound as he slings it through the air and down across my breasts. Bailey immediately starts to suckle them as the stinging intensifies and full blown tears roll down my cheeks and onto the mattress. I watch from the corner of my eye as the two other women carry in a chest like black box, they sit it beside the bed then exit the room. Bailey leans into my ear licking it at the same time,
“They say pleasure is formed by pain. Let’s see how much pleasure we can teach you to endure.”

My body was starting to shake as I watch her walk over to the black chest and pop open the bulky silver lock. Handsome was standing directly over me using his eyes and hands to explore every corner and curve of my shapely frame. He gets to my pretty kitty and uses the tips of his middle and forefinger to open my vulva while he stares me straight in the eyes. The feeling is my body was beyond confusing…. I was scared as hell but I was also turned on and curious all at the same time. This feeling had never happened to me before and it was making me feel ashamed but my body was also full of painful bliss.

Just as handsome was sliding his middle finger down toward my entry hole a crackling sound startles me. Bailey stood at the foot of the bed with a long black pole like object in hand.
“When shocks are sent through the body, it awakens the senses inside of you that are normally dormant. Tonight you’ll be shown the senses that normal pleasure could never let you experience.”
With that handsome grabs me by the legs Adding enough Force that I could wiggle nothing but my feet . Bailey pushes a button on the long wand and a strong electrical current sparks through the air making that cracking sound that had startled me before.

The feeling of the electrical current makes my whole body stiffen up as she runs the wand up my inner thighs. She stops at the base of my creamy vaginal entry letting the electricity sit in one place giving me a repeat zap. Handsome was now caressing my breast with one hand and using his other hand to message his solid member. It was a beautiful member, that I couldn’t deny, but I knew I shouldn’t have even been looking I just couldn’t help it. He leans in to my chest and out of nowhere he clinches my nipples in between his teeth making me let out a scream that comes from the pit of my stomach. Right then Bailey sends electricity through me by placing the wand directly on my pulsing clit.

I didn’t know what was happening inside of me but every part of me had begin to feel a sensation that was so intense, my toes curl a my eyes start to roll in the back of my head. She lifts the shock and replaces it with her watering mouth. Bailey was sucking my clit so attentively that the sounds bounces off the walls and I start to open up like a lotus flower. Handsome leaves us to rummage through the black chest of erotic mysteries. Bailey runs the wand back and forth over my fully erect nipples while she bites and chews on my now dripping pussy. The pain was in full effect but so was the pleasure! My body was doing a switch between the two that switched off My Brain but turned on everything else inside of me….!

Too be continued…..-Donnie Sharrell

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