Captivating Waters!

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s enjoy another poem together….

As the still water captivates me, my Mind wonders with thoughts of romance, betrayal, trust and loss!

As the water captivates me, around me every sound is drowned out and mesmerization becomes me!
The glare of the sun bounces off of the waves sending a sparkling illusion across the temperamental body of h20!

As the waters captivates me and the breeze blows across the base of my cheek, I exhale! I exhale as the water captivates me!

My exhale travels across the water blowing away into the trees! I can hear the sound of the waves lightly tapping against the surrounding boulders.

I exhale as the captivating waters fill me with wonder of romance, trust, and memories.

As the still waters captivate me my mind body and ora are filled with peace!

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