AskDonya (Why sexual compatibility is an important part of the relationship?)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s sit in our relationship seat to discuss the importance of matching sex drives….

To start off I’ll say that no one has the exact same sexual compatibility, but sex drives can match up vary well. If you meet someone who has a higher sex drive then yours which sadly happens in 90 percent of relationships, do you stay and just deal? It’s not a smart move to stay and not fix that. I believe from personal experience If you’re going to stay in an unmatched situation, there’s bound to be issues.

If you and your partner aren’t sexually compatible that means there’s a silent hole that can be filled by someone else. Sorry to say but sex is needed in a healthy functioning union. Sex is how we express our inner-selves without words, it’s how we please our partners in an intimate bonding experience. Believe it or not, with intercourse you and your spouse are able to be vulnerable in ways that connect your souls for long lasting attachments.

Staying is not wrong if you’re willing to let your partner learn to please you. Maybe you want sex 3 times a day, or only once a night. Maybe you want to be spanked chocked and tied up. Maybe you want to have spontaneous sex, or bring someone in on the pleasure. None of this is wrong because sex is about connections and what pleases you! With that being said it’s all about explaining, teaching and opening up so the other person at least has a chance to do their job.

Not opening up isn’t an option if it’s going to last. Society is opening up about sex more and more daily, so why can’t you do the same in your relationship or situationship? When you meet a guy make intercourse a serious conversation early on. Not saying go ahead and do it! Just discuss likes, dislikes, no goes and maybes because doing this sets an even tone and allows the two of you to compare pleasures.

Remember that just because you two don’t start off with the same sex drive doesn’t mean they won’t eventually match up. Anyone can learn, you just have to be open and willing to do so! If you create a safe space to discuss and act on your desires, all other things will fall into place. Especially when you care about the other party because when you care you want you opposite to be satisfied in every area. -Donnie Sharrell

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