Bella’s Naughty Quest (Shirtless Jogger)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Join me on another one of Bella’s sexual conquests….!

The sun had just began to fall as the young petite beauty’s usual jog was coming to and end. The cellular phone on Bella’s hip vibrates, so she runs in place as she looks down to check the message. She pushes send and starts on her path again, just to run smack dab into another body. The water bottle that Bella had been holding in her hand falls to the ground with an echoing smack. She faces off with a shirtless, muscular, roman god body built like, sweaty chocolate man!

“My bad sweetie…”
he exclaims. His eyes sparkle under the orange sun as he towers over her, And her pussy immediately starts to moisten. He leans down to grab the plastic bottle, he comes back with a puzzled look as he hands it to her. Bella shrugs her shoulders as water drips from the bottom of the water bottle and says….
Thank you! It’s not all your fault, I should of been paying attention instead of on my phone”.

He shakes his head no as the sweat drips from the bottom of his chin. Bella shifts her stance as the shirtless piece of chocolate speaks, to hide the thickening of her pussy.
“No ma’am! I absolutely have to make up for running into you and… breaking your water bottle”.
Bella bites her bottom lip as she sways side to side.
“How do you plan to do that”..?

The shirtless jogger pauses for what seemed like forever to Bella. Then he grins wide enough to see a mile away. “I could buy you another drinking bottle…. Or you could give me a suggestion and I’d gladly oblige to it”.
She looks around to observe their surroundings and sees a dense patch of brush across the park, and points…! “Meet me there! I want you to bend me over a tree and fuck me hard. Can you do that”?
The sexy jogger nods his head without making a sound as he watched in captivation as Bella jogs off heading to their meet up spot.

By the time he makes it there, Bella had lowered her pants around her ankles and was waiting with a condom package in-between her lips. The sweaty joggers heart was practically beating out of his chest as he nervously drops his shorts and takes the condom. He’d never done anything like this before! Yes he’d had a one night stand, but this wasn’t that. His mouth watered at the sight of Bella’s fruitfully fit but plump ass, as she leans into the trees and spreads herself open.

Bellas pussy makes a stirring mac and cheese sound as muscular enters her with his hands tightly wrapped around her waist. Bella had inspected his member but she didn’t expect it to fill her insides up the way it did. She could feel the spaces of her walls opening up with every powerful thrust. The jogger bends his knees as Bella tosses her hips in a circular motion causing her ass cheeks to give a slight jiggle with every thrust. The shirtless joggers face puckers up as he looks down at Bella’s exposed parts.
“Damn girl you got some fire pussy…. This shits wet too”…!

He was grunting so loud and rough that it was hard for the young sexual connoisseur to concentrate on getting her rocks off. Yes his stroke game was on point but his delivery was off! The jogger places one hand on the nap of Bella’s neck as he digs deeper inside of her and uses the other hand to grab her breasts. He was so rough that Bella wanted to scream but it only made her pussy drip even more.
“Lean back and bite me”
The shirtless joggers demands.

All though Bella does as she’s asked, it threw her game off. Less than two minutes later the joggers muscles start to tense up and his mouth falls open.
“Ohh my goodness you’re so slippery…. I’m boudda CUM..!”
His voice sounded like a shaky cartoon character as he pulls Bella into him and pumps hard and erratically.
“Give it to me baby! Let me have that nut”
Bella pleads in an even sexy tone.

The shirtless jogger makes a screeching sound from deep in the pit of his abdomen as his knees shake, then he goes stiff inside of her. Bella slowly pulls him out of her, pulls her pants up and starts to jog off as if she’d only stopped to use the restroom behind a bush.
The jogger tried to run after his seducer but she’d taken all of his energy so all he could do was yell after her.
Bella turns around running backwards and blows the muscular jogger a kiss.

She yell’s with a full grin on her face sinking her marks heart. He’d never had an experience so fantasy like. He felt like she’d taken his pleasurable enthusiasm with her. Yet again the young beauty had put the thrill of a sexual conquest into someone else the way someone had done her years ago. All though this mark wasn’t as pleasurable as the last… That didn’t mean Bella’s longing for sexual soul binding conquests had come to and end though.

Not by a long shot! For that to happen it meant a vary dominant, sexually driven man had to come out of no where and handle her. That was a long shot, right? Men like that only existed on the moon where they couldn’t be reached. In Bella’s mind the types of Men who could handle her were non-existent!-Donnie Sharrell

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