Donyaz Corner Tea Time (Scheduled Planning)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s sit back in our corner cut and sip tea while we discuss my personal view on the importance of Planning

For me… Planning is at the top of my list when it comes to my life order list, Why? Because if you have the important things in your week planned out on Sunday, times and all, then it’s easier to get them done. It’s easier because your mind will have an automatic timer telling you that something needs to be done. Doing it this way gives you time to space out your tasks in a timely matter to give yourself room for unexpected happenings.

We all know it’s not easy for all of us to be planners. Some of you my luvz try your hardest to plan but just can’t quite get it right. This has nothing to do with your inability to plan. This is connected to you not being organizationally stabilized. If you don’t have the right stabilization in your everyday life and everything is erratic, then how can you plan ahead and stick to it? You have to be leveled out mentally and emotionally to bring order to your life. Then comes stability, then the ability to plan and execute.

Giving yourself a planned schedule not only gives you something to look forward too, but it also gives you a sense of being a progressive member of society. Most of us need to constantly be doing something productive so that our ora stays protected from negative energies. Which is a another reason why having a planned schedule and staying busy is so important. Not saying you can’t rest, but don’t let yourself get unorganized because this is when distractions pop up and it gets hard to bounce back and get on track.

I want you to remember that there’s no wrong way to plan for your schedule. Even stay at home parents can have a planned schedule thats sculpted to profection where it eases their stress. The schedule is not supposed to stress you out. It’s supposed to be designed to bring stability and organization to your life where everything isn’t so much to handle. This is why it’s good to sit down one day out of the week to sculpt your schedule to your needs.

Get a weekly planner if need be to keep track of your appointments. Hell you can even get a bulletin board to pin those prior planned out engagements, and use your weekly planner for the unexpected ones. Just try this because even though it sounds like allot of work now, believe me having a scheduled out week let’s you breathe my luvz. -Donnie Sharrell

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