Twilight Hotel! Pt.4

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s enjoy the third installment to another one or our short stories…

The confusion going on in my body was starting to overwhelm me, but I couldn’t get control of myself. Handsome had come back from the treasure chest with a set of what looked like leather belts. Bailey climbs off of me and watches over my head with a twinkle in her eyes, as her partner hooks the first belt around my neck. This belt is eventually connected to one that lead down my stomach and connected around my waist. Once that was done he pulls out a bottle of some type of oil and a vibrating bullet, but it was shaped oddly.

Bailey grabs the oil while handsome unties me from the bed and uses the leather belts to hook me to some seated contraption that he’d pulled down from the ceiling. My body had weakened but my sexual sensations were fully awakened. Bailey waves her oil covered hands in my face.
“The heat will die down, just relax” Bailey says as she starts to softly caress my shoulders. My body was starting to calm but my mind knew better.

Just as the oil began to heat up, handsome snatches me by the leather belt and starts to roughly shove his tongue down my throat nearly causing me to choke. Bailey was caressing my entire body with the heated oil, even my inner pussy lips. I couldn’t move at all. Handsome pulls his tongue from my lips leaving a trail of saliva dripping down my chin and stares me straight in the eyes. Suddenly he raises the lingering leather belt in his hand that had metal rings on it above his head and snaps it causing me to jump a little.

As he runs the leather ringed belt over my naked body, his wife shoves her index and middle fingers inside of me. I clinched my teeth together, as my opening was being pried apart with aggression handsome was wrapping his hands around my tiny throat squeezing tightly. My breathing was becoming labored the tighter his grip got, and the tighter it got the rougher Bailey got with her fingers. Just as I felt myself going dark, handsome releases and I go to gasping for air. But as soon as my airways start to clear the ceiling contraption was flipped so that I’m facing the total opposite direction, and my mouth is stuffed with what felt like a monster cock.

Yes I’d had a penise in my mouth before, but not like this. My throat was being completely dominated with deep slow pumps. As he was pumping away at the back of my throat, Bailey was using the vibrator on me. These people must of had a fetish with electrical shock because I learned quickly why the bullet was shaped so oddly. There were two prongs that stuck out and gave a current to my clit as Bailey fucked me with it.

My body had begun to tense up as I felt an orgasm starting in the pit of my belly. Handsome was enjoying himself so much that he implodes! The base of his cock swells up and he starts to squeeze my breasts as a salty/sweet substance starts to leak from the tip of his healthy member. He pulls back just enough so that the warm comforting cum shoots out onto my lips and chin.But as quickly as things became clear they got dark again just as fast!

The vibration inside of my soaked vagina stops and I open my eyes in just the right time to see Bailey hand her husband a black hand towel. They stare down at me and both of them give me a grin that makes me feel uneasy. All of a sudden Bailey grabs me by the bottom of my chin and her husband covers my face with the hands towel. Of course I try and fight but it was no use, in less then a minute my body goes limp and everything flashes white!-Donnie Sharrell

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