Becoming Her Peace!

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Follow me on this new journey of poetry storytelling and Enjoy the read…

With the body of a soldier, the mind and presence of a king, and a smile that can turn night to day, you are my peace! I believe with every person you sleep with or connect with on an intimate level, leaves soul prints on our hearts and spirit. With you I can feel those prints being left. I can feel our soul ties connecting with every breath and gaze that we share between us. With every glance I learn you, and with every laugh you open the iron gates that guard my heart.

Not all connection come from touching, and not all loves spark from sexual intimacy. The word intimacy is highly miscommunicated and misunderstood! Intimacy isn’t achieved through sex, it’s way deeper then that. It’s the way two people laugh together, the sadness they share between them, the faults they’re willing to expose, the silent agreements, and the future planning. It’s about connecting intellectually, and harmoniously through spirituality.

I don’t know how you have a fire burning in me. Maybe it’s because of the way you bow your head when you’re listening, and the way you scrunch up your face when you’re concentrating. I’m not sure, maybe it’s the way you bite your lip when you’re being turned on, or the way you rub your chest when you’re tired. What I am sure about is the tied connection I feel between us. I know that every day I look into your face that I fall deeper into a place of blissfulness that I avoided for so long.

I don’t know if loving you will scorn me for life, but I do know that you’re a heart challenge that I’m up for because you are my peace..!-Donnie Sharrell

6 thoughts on “Becoming Her Peace!

  1. I’ve loved the mention of soul prints and ties. Always fascinated by the topic and yearning to learn more on the same.
    This is beautifully poetic “With every glance I learn you, and with every laugh you open the iron gates that guard my heart.”

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    1. Your understanding is that of my male spirit animal ❤
      I study the topic of love and heartbreak intensely so these topics are vary important to me, Thank you for the support.

      I will definitely keep your interest in mind for future enlightenment blogs

      Liked by 1 person

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