AskDonya (The fear of Heart break)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let discuss the fears of being heartbroken..!

Let’s start off by saying 99% of women and men experience heartbreak. It’s rare that men talk about it as openly as women, but they do go through heartbreak just as well as women do. The thing about women is we tend to wear the heartbreak more on our sleeves. Men on the other hand turn their hurt into hurt toward other women who try to love them, which is how the cycle of repeated heartbreak manifests in the first place. This cycle is what we are honesly afraid of in the end.

Whyyyy? Because that shit lingers on to the next relationship and repeats itself. What both men and women have to learn to do is take things with a grain of salt. I know that sounds like total bs, but it’s true! Everything in life is a leaning experience so the person who stars the cycle for you is ultimately teaching and learning from you all at the same time. Yes it may hurt like hell, but for you to heal from things you will have to of been hurt. That’s a fact!

Now let me say that it is the job of your partner to make you let down your guard and rid your love spirit of that heartbreak fear. Holding onto the fear of getting hurt can ruin even the strongest of relationships. With this fear comes mistrust the feeling of unworthiness and one-sided argument that are deeper than let on to be. It turns women into this ugly monster that men fear because it reminds them of the hurt they hide.

I do believe that everyone has someone in the world for them. Maybe more then one! But even if you’re lucky enough to find two Someone’s in a lifetime, fearing you’ll be heartbroken will hold you back. Give that person the chance to do with your heart ties as they desire and have the confidence that all they want to do is nurture your heart. Sometimes people prove you wrong and turn out to be exactly what you needed to hear you’re heart song. But you’ll never know unless you swallow that fear of heartbreak and open up to the possibility my luvz…!-Donnie Sharrell

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