Bella’s Naughty Quest’s (Mr Driverđź‘…)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s join Bella on one of her newest sexual conquests….

The bottoms of Bella’s feet were burning as she angrily paced the sidewalk outside the restaurant where she’d just stormed off on a bum date. Her driver was supposed to of been there a few minutes ago and Bella was starting to get pissed off. The tall italian man she’d come to dinner with walks out and waits on the curb a few feet from her.
“All you had to say was you weren’t down for a multi bang. You didn’t have to be a bitch”
He spat at he feet.

Just as Bella reaches into her bag for her razor, the valet pulls up with his bright yellow overcompensating Corvette. He gives her the finger as he speeds away from the curb and down the street.
“Sorry Miss, traffic was hell”
a voice exclaims from behind the fancily dressed sexual connoisseur. Finally Bella’s car had arrived with her fit bright skinned driver holding the door open for her. The driver was dressed up in a suit, but Bella could still see the ruggedness in him.

The beginning of the ride was pretty silent until the driver decides to crack the window without asking. Bella rolls the window back up while she gives him an evil stare through the rear view mirror. He couldn’t help but notice her pretty ass glaring up at him, hell maybe because he’d never seen a woman with such sexually captivating brown eyes before. “First you’re late, then you just run the car like you want. Is there a fucking problem”? Bella snaps.

The driver tried hard to hide his grin but Bella had caught his attention. “Nah baby. I apologise” he nods. Bella rolls her eyes at the driver and goes back to gazing out of the window. “Please just do ya job and take me home cause I’m not cha’ baby” she pouts. Looking at her makes him take a wrong turn on the freeway and Bella nearly loses it.

“So you can’t be on time, and you can’t follow directions? This is why I hate when daddies company sends me a new driver” she snaps. Mr driver speeds up and finds a designated spot under the bridge 2 skirt into and Park. He turns all the way around to face Bella with the most aggressive look ever sending chills down her spine.
“I’ve been your driver the past two weeks ma’am. But look Baby if I’m such an issue, I’ll gladly take myself off of your route.

The two stare at each other for what seemed like forever. Suddenly Mr Driver’s breathing starts to become labored as Bella stars to slowly drop her dress straps. She leans back on the seat and spreads her thighs wide open as she slides her hands down into her pink laced panties. Mr Driver licks his lips as he loosens his tie watching Bella’s every move.
“Let’s not do this ma’am. I can get you home in less then ten minutes” he says trying to resist her.

Bella shakes her head no, that she wouldn’t stop.
“Come back here and do your job Mr.Driver! I can’t wait ten minutes and Daddy hired you to keep me satisfied, right”?
Having too much on the line to lose, the driver slowly strips his clothes away and climbs over the seat to sit on his knees in front of Bella. The air in the car was thick and muggy as the sexual connoisseur pulls her panties down to her ankles and forcefully pulls Mr Driver’s head into her wet box.

The taste of Bella was damn near sweet as the driver sucks from Bella’s clit down to her entry hole. She had her legs wrapped around his head as she pinched her nipples and pumped her hips into his face. The drivers manhood had grown and it was starting to bulge out of his pants. Without asking he pulls his slacks down under his ass and uses Bella’s hands to caress it. It all felt so intense that she had to feel him inside of her.

She pulls a rubber from her handbag and slips it on to Mr. Drivers erect cock as he slides his tongue in and out of her mouth, letting Bella taste her own nectar. She pulls her legs up beside her head and spreads her lips so he could enter her. The feeling of his thickness immediately feels her young body with pleasure. He pumps into her with enough force to rock the chauffeur car. The feeling of her was magical and he couldn’t help but be enticed by the way she bit her bottom lip, and reach for the sky while he was inside of her.

A few moments in he had begun to get rough with her. His thrust was echoing throughout the car and he grunted with every inch he gave her. Bella grabs Mr.Driver by his shoulders so she could fuck him back. This man was hitting all the right spots that had never been hit before and it was life changing. He flips Bella onto her knees and positions himself like a frog to punish her guts.

“Yes drive this pussy…. Please don’t stop I’m about to cum”!
Bella moans out as the driver spanks her on the ass leaving a faint print. He had her face pushed into the seat and her ass in the air so that the arch in her back was fully visible. Mr drivers body start to flex as he felt the muscles in Bella’s vagina gripping around his manhood. He could feel her body ready to implode and trying to hold back was becoming more and more difficult. As soon as Bella throws her ass back to enjoy the orgasm he’d built up inside of her, the driver is thrown into an immediate haze of blissfulness that brings him crashing down ontop of Bella..! –Donnie Sharrell

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