Donyaz Corner Tea Time (overwhelming stress)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s sit back in our corner cut and discuss the affects and how to deal with overwhelming stress….

So let me just say that lately my stress level has been through the roof luvz. Summers always hard because my mom passed and it’s her birthday. But ontop of that I’m trying to keep up with blog content, filming, writing my books, and starting a skin care line. It’s as if I’m running off of water and will the past few months. Yes I’m getting an immense amount of work done and my events have been awesome. But the downfall is that my mood is everywhere and my body is tired as hell, which had began to affect my thought process.

When our minds and body’s are stressed out, it starts to affect us physically and emotionally. A tired mind cannot be rational, reasonable, or at it’s full thinking capacity. It’s a proven fact that tiredness can cause fatigue along with a number of other things. Add overwhelming stress ontop of that and you can end up being a total mess that’s no use to anyone least known yourself.

Stress can push you to do amazing things, and Don’t forget diamonds are made under pressure! Some people need stress so they’re pushed to do beautiful things in life. But too much stress can make anyone crumble. We have to learn how to balance the stressful push with rest and restoration. There is no way to stop ourselves from being stressed out, but the brain needs to have peace and rest to think clearly. Yes you’re going to stress but if your rested it’ll help you deal with that stress in a more rational Manor.

Learning how to deal with stress isn’t always easy. Sometimes stress can even overwhelm you to the point that you feel defeated and driven crazy, but believe me you’re not alone. Most people feel this way a few times during life, we just learn how to overcome and deal with our stress. Learn the art of meditation, praying, crafting, hell sitting in one place and doing absolutely nothing.

The big picture is that stress is inevitable so you have to learn how to deal with it. Let’s say you have to learn to channel your stress into something positively calming. It’s not going to be easy while you’re in the process of stressing, but it’ll come to you. All you have to do is have an open mind and listen to your spirit, it’ll lead you to your calm place! –Donnie Sharrell

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