Twilight Hotel! Pt.5

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s enjoy the last installment to our short story…

As my eyes pop open my head was spinning and the pain that shot through my body was beyond excruciating. By looking around it was clear I was back in my hotel room but I was still hazy. The latest events were a blur as I roll myself out of bed and hit the floor on my stomach like a flat pancake. It took a few minutes to for my limbs to start working again, but when they do I crawl to the bathroom on hands and knees and climb in the bathtub fully dressed. I run the water fully dressed in the same attire I’d worn to meet Bailey.

As I laid back in the luxury tub and my muscles began to loosen up, I could feel my vagina smiling. Yes my body was sore and I only remembered parts of the experience, but it was clear I’d been sexually awakened. After soaking in the tub for a few hours I wrap my wet body in the hotel robe, order room service, and go out on the balcony with a glass of Chardonnay. The people walking around the hotel were moving in a different time, none of them even acknowledged the hotel around as they moved to their own pace. I don’t know how long I spaced out but when I came back to reality room service was bagging down there door.

When I open the door the server looked at me a if he’d done something wrong by being at my door.
“Let me get you a tip before you go” I suggest. He shakes his head no and rushes out of the room leaving me confused, that is until I sit down to enjoy my meal. There were two platters with fancy silver tops, the first one contained my full steak and green bean dinner. I hadn’t ordered anything extra so I hesitate to take the lid off of the next tray.

Finally after devouring half of my meal I get enough courage to see what’s under the next lid. When I pull the silver lid off and see what the tray was containing my middle starts to clench. There were handcuffs laying ontop of a white envelope. I slowly open the envelope to find a handwritten letter and a series of photos. My heart’s stats to race as I skimmed the letter reading words like… secret society, fun painful pleasure, join us for more, no one will ever believe what they can’t understand or find!

My gasps echo throughout my hotel room as I looked at myself in those photos. My face was full of so much pleasure as those unspeakable things were being done to me, there wasn’t a hint of pain on my face. I looked at myself and couldn’t see the person I had been before walking into the hotel at all! It was if I was totally opened up and awakened, I was living on the pleasurable edge without rules in those photos. I throw the photos into the air and fall back on the plushy bed, arms fully open watching myself flutter through the air if The Twilight Hotel…!-Donnie Sharrell

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