Bella’s Naughty Quests (The Electricianđź’ˇ)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Lets enjoy another installment to Bella’s sexual conquests…..

The sweat glistened off of Bella’s body as she laid out on the hardwood floor of her living-room in a sports bra and yoga shorts. She puffed on a joint letting the smoke roll off of her top lips as the lights flickered above her head. She’d been calling about the shotty electrical system for the past three days, and the electric company was finally sending someone out today. When the knock at her door finally comes, Bella’s energy was nearly gone so she takes her time getting to it. She opens the front door to find herself looking at one fine mocha skinned brotha’ dressed in a blue electricians uniform.

“Finally they sent someone out here” she says with her quickly fading attitude. Bella notices the tall muscular build on the mocha colored electrician as he pushes his way into her muggy loft.
“Whew, it is hot in here ma’am but don’t worry I’ll handle that for you.” The base in the electricians voice Echoes throughout Bella’s home, it was new for her. Believe it or not the sexual connoisseur had a few rules for herself, the first and most important being… never bring men back to her home!

Bella pulls a chair up to watch the electrician work as she continues to puff the half of joint she had left. The mocha colored man hadn’t been inside the house for more then fifteen or twenty minutes before he starts to sweat. Bella grabs the spray bottle full of water she’d been using to keep cool along with a bottled water for her electrical hero. Once he actually made eye contact with the connoisseur, the electrician was taken by her beauty like so many others. Bella had sprayed herself with water on top of the sweat and little amount of clothing, he was enticed.

“Thanks for the water!”
The electrician nods as he pulls his uniform down around his waist revealing his muscular body wrapped in a white beater. Bella just couldn’t help herself, I mean the man was an unexpected mouth watering treat. “Would there be anything else I could help you with”?
Bella uses her eyes to send the signal his way and the electrician doesn’t take long to get the hint.

He walks over using little effort to pick Bella up and carry her over to the sofa. Both their bodies were moistened with sweat as he tongues her mouth down lighting the fire in the pit of Bella’s stomach. All of a sudden the electrician tosses his client on the sofa and runs back over to the thermostat leaving Bella yearning for what’s next. She grabs a furry couch pillow and climbs onto the floor watching as her electrical hero heads her was stripping his clothes away with every step closer. By the time he stood over her with his healthy gong hanging out, a blast of cold air comes rushing down on them through the vents.

Bella stretches her body out as the electrician drops down on top of her and starts to undress her out of the little amount of clothes she was wearing. He grips Bella around her tiny stomach line as he sucks her brown dime sized nipples causing her to let out the first audible moan. She spread her legs wide as the mocha colored electrician runs his fingers over her blossoming clitoris. Once he had Bellas freaky flower ready to bloom, the sexy electrician gets in the 69 position and immediately goes to work. He had the young woman so turned on that she arches her back and holds on to the muscular mocha sex symbol by the head as she aggressively pumps her hips back and forth on his tongue.

The mans boulder hard penis kept bouncing on the side of Bella’s face which only turned her on more. Yes the electrician had quite a gong but Bella was always down for a challenge. She let’s her mouth fill with saliva and grabs his manhood by the base shoving it as far as she could down her throat. The muscular sexual participant was caught off guard by how well Bella could suck a dick! Her mouth was like a small pleasure hole that was taking and giving him life all at once.

It was getting harder and harder to handle the pleasure coming from his clients mouth, but the electrician was trying. Even as he fucked her face and smothered his in her infinity pool, he couldn’t stop his knees from locking up or his pleasure growls from escaping. Bella grabs him by his lower back and messages his throbbing balls as she uses her throat to try to literally drink him. The electrician tries to pull his penis out of the soul suckers mouth but she holds him in place.

That was all the sexy electrician could get out before he was sent into a teeth clenching, body locking, hand banging orgasm that nearly brought tears to his eyes. Bella watches as he drags himself onto his feet to redress with the look of shame,disbelief and pleasure written on his face. She uses her index and middle finger to message he pearl and entry hole at the same time. The electrician listens to Bella’s pleasure sounds echoing throughout the place as he gathered his things to go.

He couldn’t help but feel like he’d met a sexual deviant that was way out of his league. Of course he was right. Bella pumps her hips into her Palm with the middle finger buried inside her drippy goodness, as she squeezes her nipples, and plays with the electricians cum on her tongue. Bella ignored the sound of the door slamming behind her suitor. She needed full attention to focus on making herself cream..! -Donnie Sharrell

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