Heartbreaker πŸ’”

Thanks for tuning in luvz…

Heartbreaker Heartbreaker how do you leave? Not only were you my sun but you were the song to my heartbeat

Stolen smiles that should only belong too me..

Broken promises from you when all it took was trust and loyalty…

Heartbreaker Heartbreaker I’m only one women with needs, but my need is for your love even if that means exotically inside of me…

You are who you are and I accept that from you because I let love lead and love led me to you….

I’ll think of you when my heart flutters, I’ll hear your voice when I feel joy, we already share soulties so no matter the heartbreak I’ll always be yours…

So Heartbreaker Heartbreaker when you close your eyes and see me, just know that you opened my heart to a love that I never thought to be…. -Donnie Sharrell

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