Diamond N’ The Rough ๐Ÿ’Ž1.

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s enjoy the first installment to another short story…

The bruising on Diamonds side was covered up by the Mets sweater she’d thrown on after soaking in an ice bath. Her mind was elsewhere as she spent the next two hours cleaning and preparing dinner. Diamond doesn’t come too until the sound of the front door closing literally causes her body to jerk forward. She scurries over to began setting the table, silently praying he’d be too exhausted for the daily mess. That prayer was quickly cut short before it could even be sent!

“Diamond… Diamond, I know you ain’t still in here cooking. Our guests will be here in forty five minutes.
The closer Diamonds husbands voice came the more her anxiety started to rise.
“Baby I’m setting the table now. The foods on the warmer.”
Diamond doesn’t look her husband in the eyes once as she heads back over to grab the meal she’d rushed to prepare.
“You’re not wearing that sweater go change, now. It makes you look like a miserable bitch, Is that what you want your friends to think of me?”

Diamond knew nothing good would come from her response so she drops her head and rushes upstairs to change clothes. By the time she makes it back downstairs their company had arrived and were already seated at the dinner table.
“Oh my gosh there she is, so… Julies and Diamond I want you to finally meet my fiancรฉe Rob!”
Diamond fights through her body pain to properly greet their guests with hugs.
“Nice to finally meet you Rob. Courtney is my best friend so treat her right.”

As the dinner went on Diamond could feel the eyes of the devil peering into her soul, but she’d gotten good at pretending not to notice. The men retire to the porch for drinks while the women clean up. Once they were alone Courtney waists no time deep diving into het friends life.
“You didn’t conceal your black eye good enough this time D! Let’s just drop lye in his drink and get it over with.”
Diamonds mind wonders for a hot second but then she quickly shakes the crazy thoughts away.

“Let’s just get this night over with Courtney. Im tired an i don’t wanna talk about it.”
Courtney watches as her hurt bae carries on like the situation was alright, when they both knew it wasn’t. Watching Diamond be on edge all night messed with Courtneys mood. But it was the next few days that would really play tricks on everyone’s minds and of course it would be Diamond who would really suffer the worse.

Once their guests had left Diamond was the first one in bed with her head tucked away under the covers. She listened as Julius hummed a James Brown tune in the shower. As soon as the water cuts off the young wife squeezes her eyes closed as tightly as she could and lays perfectly still so he’d think she’d fallen asleep.
“My meeting in New York got pushed back so I’m home all weekend. I hope you’re not gonna play victim the entire time.”

The thought of spending a full weekend why her own husband made Diamond sick to her stomach. Julius had a temper that was always directed at his spouse for some reason. The past few years of their marriage had been hell and the only thing that kept Diamond holding on was what use to be. But day after day the happy times were fading away and rationalizations an fantasy’s were becoming blurred for her. The scared wife folds herself into a ball and focuses on the darkness in the back of her eyelids, waiting on daylight to bring the rough! To be continued…- Donnie Sharrell

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