Love for a King

Thanks for tuning in luvz!

My heart beats to the same rhythm as yours because you’re my king

The king that I chose, a king that I trust, nothing but my love is shared with you my king, my love

Even when it’s hard for us even when it’s rough, I’ll have your back because you’re my king you’re my love

I stand behind you in everything you do, I listen and learn from you, because as a King you lead your Queen in everything that we do

You have my trust, I believe in you, no matter the struggle you have me and I have you

Don’t be afraid to show me your pain, men hurt too

Our love is a complicated love but we were made for each other, two hurt souls that intertwined and created beautiful hurt love

Just know that I got you and you’ll always have my respect it’s an unconditional bond that we have

Because at the ends of the day my heart beats to the same Rhythm as yours, you are my king nothing more nothing less…. -Donnie Sharrell

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