Bella’s Naughty Quests (Book Boy📓)

Thanks for tuning in luvz! Let’s follow Bella on her latest sexual Conquest

Bella had been looking for a single book for the past four months, and somehow she ended up in The Big Apple. There was a big business convention going on and daddy had drug the entire family out for show. Since Bella had a few hours to burn she decided to stroll through the village, looking for nothing in particular. As she passes by the group of women selling knock-off crystals, a sparkle catches her attention from across the walkway. There was a huge wind chime hanging outside the window of a small cozy looking bookshop.

Bella makes it to the door of the bookshop before she spots it. A huge promotion sign for the exact book she’d been searching for set in the middle of the bookshop. With huge eyes Bella rushes through the door and over to the display, where her smile was quickly turned upside down. The display case was empty! Behind the counter stood a tall, handsome, preppy looking tan clerk that had been watching the young beauty from across the store. He slowly makes his way over to her admiring her elegant beauty from head to toe.

“May I help you ma’am?”
Bella gives him the most hateful look threw book store clerk had ever seen.
“Actually you can! Why is there a display up when you don’t even have the damn book?”
She couldn’t help but see the resemblance between the store clerk and Clark Kent, he was handsome. “Well ma’am we just sold out this morning. I only have one copy left on reserve, and I’m expecting the buyer to show this afternoon.”

When the book store clerk try’s to turn and walk away, Bella blocks has path. “Maybe we can work something out. Like you help me, I help you and we sat the book got lost in storage!” Bella bats her eyes and sucks in her bottom lip leaving the book boy in a short lived trance. He shakes himself free of her exotic grasp and heads back toward the counter, but Bella follows behind him.

Please, look I’ll do anything. I have been searching for that book all summer, I can’t leave without it.”
It was hard for the clerk to ignore the beauty’s expression of desperation.
“If I could I would, believe me. But I really can’t the books been reserved.”
He tried his hardest to make Bella understand, but it was no use.

Bella grabs him by the belt buckle of his khakis and forces him into the back of the store. As she aggressively makes out with her suitor she scopes out the reserved section and leads him to the pile of books closest to it. Bella rids the book boy of his pants before pushing him down on the pile of weathered books. He barley uses any force to try and push Bella away, but even that was done once she pulls her panties to the side and sits down on his mini Clark Kent.

She wraps her legs around his waist grinding her hips back and fourth as she tightens her kegels. In the three years of being a book boy he had never experienced anything so steamy before. Hell he’d never experienced anything as steamy an tricky or risky as this, ever. Bella goes reverse cowgirl damn near putting the clerk in shock. She grabs het ankles as she bounces her round rump on mini Clark Kent just so she could slide the book from the reserved pile.

Just as the book boy starts to shake, Bella hops off of his lap sliding one hand behind her back to hide the stolen property, and uses her other hand to jerk her suitor into an eye quenchable explosion. Before the clerks eyes open Bella was already headed for the exit. She yells,
“I need to clean up. Thanks for everything though, you did great!”
Bella was basically running out of the store with the book clinched tightly to her breasts.

By the time the book boy pulls his pants over his throbbing member and makes it to the front of the store, the beauty was long gone. He stood in a daydreaming daze for a while, not even knowing he had been robbed of the stores sexual literature. All he knew was that he had just dice experienced the sexist intercourse he would ever experience in his entire life!
-Donnie Sharrell

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