1 Breath 🌫

Thanks for tuning in luvz! So my uncle passed away this past week and it’s kind of eating away at me!

He and my mom were really close so of course he was My favorite uncle. Rightfully so too! My uncle was a heartfelt hard working, strong black king. When mom passed I did a eulogy poem for her obituary and he asked me to do the same for him. I want to share it with you…enjoy luvz!

(James Burks)

(1 Breath)

One breath, only one breath to breathe, only one breath left

The breath that we breathe today is filled with love sorrow and memory because this is the last breath we’ll get to breathe, for you

Not because we don’t love you, not because we don’t care, not because we can’t breathe, its because you’ll no longer be here

It’s because you’ve gone home to be with the ones you love, it’s because your heart could no longer be in this world without the people that left you and went up above

With only one breath, one breath left to breathe, you called on your father and he did his job, he showed up to get his baby

But we want you to remember with our one breath, one breath left to breathe, we’ll breathe this love for you James Burks and you’ll never exit our memories

You imprinted on every life you entered whether it was with laughter or love

so rest easy don’t feel bad about taking your last breath because you deserve to rest and no matter what

we’ll always Love You SKRUB!
-Donnie Sharrell

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